I will teach you thermodynamics and heat transfer
fixed Rate 5.00 USD
I will do mechanical engineering tasks
fixed Rate 5.00 USD
fixed Rate 10.00 USD
Solving math problems
Starting at 5.00 USD
Relationship advice
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
I'll Assist you in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
fixed Rate 30.00 USD
I will assist you in thermodynamics and Basic of mechanical...
fixed Rate 20.00 USD
I will design greeting card for you
fixed Rate 16.00 USD
Lightroom editing
fixed Rate 5.00 USD
I will design valentine day card and video
Starting at 10.00 USD
Photo editor
fixed Rate 5.00 USD
I will provide a trip plan for you within EU
fixed Rate 10.00 USD
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